Are all chainsaw sprockets the same?

Asked by Michelle Larsen on September 17, 2021

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Philbert Chainsaw EnthusiastOtherwise, a STIHL sprocketand Oregon sprocket of the same size will be interchangeable. So, the simpler answer is: "Yes, you can buy different brands of rim sprockets, as long as they are the same size".

How can you tell when a chainsaw chain is worn out? Here are some of the warning signs that will tell you that the chain is worn out and need to be sharpened orreplaced.

  1. Inefficient cutting performance. When a chainsaw chain is sharp, it cuts through anytime easily and without any efforts.
  2. Difficult positioning.
  3. If you notice smoke.
  4. Damaged chain teeth.

What is a rim sprocket? With a floating sprocket system, the rim sprocket aligns perfectly with the groove in the bar. It self-aligns by "floating" on a splined hub. Spur sprockets damage the chain's drive links when the chain derails. On a floating sprocket system, the rim sprocket is a separate part that is inexpensive and easily replaced.

How do you replace a sprocket on a Husqvarna chainsaw? More videos on YouTube

  1. Remove the top cover and remove the spark plug wire.
  2. Insert a piston stop tool in the spark plug hole to bind the piston.
  3. Remove the clutch with a hammer and punch or clutch removal tool by loosening it clockwise.
  4. Remove the old sprocket and lubricate thebearing if needed.

What causes a chainsaw sprocket wear? A worn sprocket will rob power from the chain. When the sprocket is worn to the point where you have a hard time tensioning the chain (moving the chain a little will make it either too tight or too loose) then you are probably due for asprocket.