Are all wheel bearings the same?

Asked by Everett Myers on September 16, 2021

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Wheel bearings are used in both the front wheels and the back wheels. That is why you won't necessarily have to replace all of your wheel bearings if only one is worn out. Many (dishonest) mechanics will tell youthat all need to be replaced or both on the same axle. This is usually not necessary.

What are the best wheel bearings? The following five wheel bearings made it to our review of the five best wheel bearings.

  1. Timken sp580310 wheel bearing. If you have been looking for high-quality bearings, here is the Timken sp580310 bearing.
  2. ECCPP 513121 Wheel Bearing HUB.
  3. ACDelco FW293 GM.
  4. MOOG 515058 Wheel Bearing.
  5. Prime Choice Auto Parts HB613123PR.

Should you replace both wheel bearings? If there's no play or noise in the other wheel bearing, there's no need to replace it. Both have the same number of miles so both have nearly the same wear. Bearings are not replaced as preventative maintenance, they are a repair item. Fix them asneeded.

What comes in a wheel bearing kit? Nipparts wheel bearing kits include all of the parts required for the repair and replacement of the wheel bearings, like seals, nuts, or split pins.