Are caraway seeds and fennel the same?

Asked by Alberta Alderson on September 08, 2021

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Fennel and caraway are relatives, but not the same plant. Fennel seeds have a flavor dominated by anise/licorice, where caraway is quite different, being dominated by other flavors. They also have subtle differences in appearance. Cumin, anise, and dill are other look-alike seeds with very differentflavors.

What do you use caraway seeds for? Caraway seeds are widely used in Central and Eastern Europe to flavour rye breads, biscuits, cakes, stews, meat dishes, cheeses, sauerkraut and pickles; they are also often combined with potatoes andapples.

What spice is fennel? Fennel is widely cultivated, both in its native range and elsewhere, for its edible, strongly flavored leaves and fruits. Its aniseed flavor comes from anethole, an aromatic compound also found in anise and star anise, and its taste and aroma are similar to theirs, though usually not as strong.

How much fennel seeds do I substitute for fennel? If you need an alternative for fennel bulb youcan substitute per pound needed: 1 lb of celery (more aromatic, cooks faster) + 1 tsp fennel seed or 1 tbsp Pernod (liqueur) OR 1 lb bok choy stems + 1 tsp fennel seed or 1 tbsp Pernod.

What is Jeera called in English? uncountable noun. In Indian English, jeera is the same as cumin.