Are cinder blocks toxic for gardens?

Asked by Michelle Stogner on September 08, 2021

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Garden beds, framed with cinder block, may be fine for flowers and other nonedible plants, but be wary of using them to frame gardens that will be home to edible plants and medicinal herbs. There is the potential for toxic materials to leach from the cinder blocks into thesoil.

Are concrete blocks safe for raised beds? The Oregon State University Extension reports that some concrete blocks may leach lime into the soil over time. While not harmful to humans, the additional lime may alter the acidity of your raised bed. Monitor the pH of your soil if you suspect that you have a problem. Concrete blocks are also heavy to-transport.

Do concrete blocks leach chemicals into soil? “So yes, modern day 'cinder' block might have fly ash in it.” There aren't any studies to show whether the heavy metals that may be contained in cinder blocks or concrete blocks canleach into the soil. If you are concerned, you could get your soil tested for heavy metals.

Can you grow vegetables in cinder blocks? The blocks offer some support to growing tomato plants, keeping their leaves and fruit off the ground. Cinder blocks also might keep weed growth down, If you water by hand, you can water directly in the cinder block holes, which might conservewater.

How many cinder blocks are in a pallet? x 16 in. 33 lb. Std Green Hollow Block (72/Pallet)