Are slide outs worth it?

Asked by Kathy Greenwald on September 04, 2021

Categories: Travel Camping

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RVs with slide outs tend to cost a little more than those without them, so it's important to consider whether or not your RV lifestyle is going to make the extra cost worth it. However, if you're in the market for an RV and you only camp a few times a year, a slide out may be a luxury you don't really need.

Do RV covers cause damage? Covering your RV with an RV Cover protects it from these harmful elements. Your concern about an RV cover causing damage to your Travel Trailer due to wind is a legitimate one. If you just go down toyour local hardware store and buy a tarp and put it on your RV, yes, the wind could catch it and cause damage.

Do all RV slides leak? When sliderooms are closed, they make using the RV during travel awkward and uncomfortable. If they become misaligned, their gaskets become damaged to the point that the entire slide must be removed and the gaskets redone so that the units work properly. It is not unusual for sliderooms to leak.

What is the best lubricant for RV slides? It is a good idea to keep your RV slide-out well-lubricated, so you don't face annoying issues while out on a-trip.

It offers much-needed protection from environmental damage.

  • Camco Slide Out Lube.
  • Thetford Premium RV Slide Out Conditioner and Protectant.
  • Kwikee Lippert Kwik Lube Spray Grease.