Can placenta previa cause placental abruption?

Asked by Carmen Spencer on September 17, 2021

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Bleeding in late pregnancy (after about 20 weeks) may be due to the following: Placenta previa (placenta is near or covers the cervical opening) Placental abruption (placenta detaches prematurely from the uterus)

Is placenta previa highrisk? The risk of having placenta previa increases with increasing maternal age and with the number of previous deliveries. Women who have had placenta previa in one pregnancy also have a greater risk for having placenta previa in subsequentpregnancies.

What can affect the placenta? Substance misuse. Certain placental problems are more common in women who smoke or use illegal drugs, such as cocaine, during pregnancy. Abdominal trauma. Trauma to your abdomen — such as from a fall or other type of blow — increases the risk of the placenta prematurely separating from the uterus (placentaabruption).

Can a baby survive placental abruption? Again, it's extremely important for doctors to assess and treat placental abruption as soon as possible. According to theAmerican Pregnancy Association (APA), if severe abruption occurs, 15% ends in fetal death. Infants who survive have a 40-50% chance of developing long-term health complications.