Can you get a key made for a car without the key?

Asked by Angela Smith on November 05, 2021

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Getting an auto locksmith is the most cost-efficient option when you need a car key made. Another way you can get your car key made when you do not have the original key, outside of getting a locksmith, is to call the dealership and ask for a replacement.

Can you rekey a car? A new ignition cylinder that you would get as a replacement does not come with keys to your car. You can have your ignition rekeyed to fit the original key, or have all other locks rekeyed to fit the new key. Rekeying everything will take more time, but it is definitely anoption.

How do I cut a key from a VIN number? Car key cutting can be done with the use of an existing key, or it can be cut by code. The code can be procured by using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), by decoding a key, or even by decoding the ignition cylinder. The fastest way of car key cutting is to simply duplicate the key by using an existingkey.

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