Can you make a rag quilt without batting?

Asked by David Hunter on September 06, 2021

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Note: do NOT use fleece as the backing. I make rag quilts out of cotton/batting and flannel (no batting) . Here's one in fleece. It is fine BUT is not asforgiving and does not fray or 'rag' up.

How do you keep quilt seams from fraying? Spray each quilt block with spray starch or sizing when youiron it, especially around the edges, to prevent fraying. To avoid a buildup of starch on the quilt block, make your own spray starch by dissolving starch in water to make a thin solution or add water to a liquid starch solution.

Do you wash fabric before making a rag quilt? Although most quilts recommend washing the fabrics before quilting, in the case of rag quilts you DO NOT want to wash the flannel before assembly. Instead, just iron thefabric and start cutting your squares. The batting squares go between your two layers of fabric.

How many layers of quilt batting do I need? Two layers

How many yards of fabric do I need for a queen size rag quilt? Rag Quilt Instructions:

Quilt Type and Approx Finished Size (size will vary slightly) Approx Number of 10" Fabric Squares Required
Full 84" x 91" 220 squares (10 sq x 11 sq) approx. 19 yds
Queen 91" x 95" 242 squares (11 sq x 11 sq) approx. 18-20 yds
King 108" x 108" 338 squares (13sq x 13sq) approx.26-28 yds