Can you put a boiler in a cupboard?

Asked by Gerald Richmond on September 08, 2021

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Yes, if you'd rather your kitchen boiler wasn't on show, you can house it in a cupboard. As well as ensuring your boiler is tucked away out of sight, a cupboard can help to make any noise less intrusive. You may find it useful to discuss this with the registered Gas Safe engineer who comes to_fit your boiler.

Does a room sealed boiler need ventilation? (Most modern wall-mounted boilers are "room-sealed" and have fan-assisted balanced flues, with the combustion air entering through the flue, and the exhaust gases exiting the same way. These do not require extra room ventilation.)

What is a boiler unit? Boiler Unit. a structurally unified aggregate of devices used to produce hot water or steam under pressure through the combustion of fuel. The main parts of a boiler unit (see Figure 1) are a combustion chamber and gas flues in which heating surfaces are located.

Where is the best place to put a boiler? Boilers could be located in various rooms throughout a property, but most commonly they're installed in either thekitchen, bathroom, bedroom or utility room.

Can you paint a combi boiler? If you are wanting to paint a boiler, there are only certain types of paint that are safe. Paints that are designed to withstand high heat and moisture can be found at any building supply or home improvementstore.