Can you put underglaze on Bisqueware?

Asked by Harold Baker on November 17, 2021

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Spectrum Underglazes can be applied to greenware or bisque. Amaco GDC's can be used as underglazes or glazes, so they have silica and should be applied to bisque. Some of these underglazes have enough "melt" that they are somewhat shiny and don't require a clear glaze. But you can put a clear glaze on any of_them.

When should you underglaze? "When to Apply- Underglazes should be applied to dry greenware. If greenware is still damp when applied, the underglaze colours may chip off after firing." I've read here and elsewhere that underglazes can be applied to leather hard clay all the way up to dry_greenware.

Can you add water to underglaze? Another way to work is to squirt some underglaze into a saucer and apply it with a brush, or a sponge, orwith what ever takes your fancy. You can dilute underglaze with water, and apply it in washes like watercolour.

Do you have to bisque fire before glazing? The first firing is called the bisque, then there is a second firing for the glaze. This is the way you probably learned, and they way you probably do it. But it is possible to fire only once. If you apply your glaze poorly, before firing, you can wash it-off.