Can you sublet in California?

Asked by Samuel Geno on September 09, 2021

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In California, your right to sublet is governed by what it says in your lease. According to the California Department of Consumer Affairs most leases contain a term that prohibits tenants from subletting. If you find this term in your lease then you will need to get your landlord's special permission to_sublet.

What to know about subletting? This article will take you through the do's and don'ts of subletting toensure things run as smooth as possible.

  • Get permission from your property manager.
  • Weigh the risks.
  • Consider family and friends first.
  • Channel your inner landlord.
  • Record the condition of the property.
  • Be careful with valuables!

Is it against the law to sublease? Many states and local municipalities have laws governing a tenant's right to sublease. These laws may permit you to sublease even if your lease forbids it. For example, if the prospective tenant to sublease has a lower credit score than the landlord normally requires, the landlord may prohibit you from_subleasing.

What are the risks of subletting? Risks of Subletting an Apartment

  • Subletting Is Sometimes Illegal. There are some apartment buildings, neighborhoods, and even whole towns/cities where subletting is illegal.
  • The Landlord Does Not Know.
  • Nothing Is Official.
  • Property Disputes.
  • Issues with Utilities.
  • Insurance Problems.
  • Surprise Roommates.
  • Bad Behavior.