Can you tell if a house has been underpinned?

Asked by Robert Metzler on September 12, 2021

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The short answer is, is that it can be very difficult to tell if a property has been underpinned from a visual inspection, as the underpinning is concealed below ground and therefore can't always be seen during the course of a typicalsurvey inspection.

Does underpinning affect insurance? Insurers tend to be wary of any structure that has ever suffered from subsidence. While underpinning should be seen as a problem solved, they canstill be nervous that the subsidence could return. However, if you can demonstrate that the underpinning has done its job, you can often find insurance at a reasonable price.

Is it worth buying a house with subsidence? The good news is that, although subsidence can certainly be a serious problem, it need not be an out-and-out deal-breaker. Properties with a history of subsidence are probably more likely to go to cash buyers than buyers with a mortgage as some lenders can get twitchy, but they change hands on a regular basis.”

Can you insure an underpinned House? Most instances of subsidence are insured, and the cost of stabilising your property will be covered by your insurance. You won't be able to claim for underpinning if your property is experiencing subsidence while still covered by the new building warranty that typically comes with all new or recently built properties.

Is underpinning permanent? Underpinning is often seen as a permanent and effective way of stabilising but is only used in the most serious cases. Also, it would usually be considered preventative, which isn't covered under the insurance policy. In many cases, a building can be stabilised by other action, for example, by: repairing leakingdrains.