Did Linda Ronstadt ever have children?

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Mary Clementine RonstadtDaughter Carlos RonstadtSon

Does Linda Ronstadt have apartner? One of the famous Linda Ronstadt exes is George Lucas of Star Wars fame. The director was said to be head over heels forRonstadt, though she didn't want to settle down. There is no Linda Ronstadt husband, and she has never been a wife.

Did Linda Ronstadt date Jim Carrey? Jim Carrey and Linda Ronstadt: In 1983, the same year Carrey made his stand-up debut on The Tonight Show, he and singer Linda Ronstadt began dating. Their relationship lasted for only 8 months. Carrey andRonstadt met for the first time at The Comedy Stores in Los Angeles.

How much money is Linda Ronstadt worth? Linda Ronstadt net worth: Linda Ronstadt is an American pop singer who has a net worth of $130 million. Linda Maria Ronstadt was born in Tucson, Arizona in July 1946. For her music Linda has earned 11 Grammy Awards, as well as anEmmy Award, and two Academy of Country Music awards.

Were Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville a couple? About Aaron NevilleAaron Neville was previously married to Joel Roux (1959 - 2007). Aaron Neville has been in a relationship with Linda Ronstadt (1989 -1992).