Do ceramic coasters absorb water?

Asked by Garrett Gonzalez on September 17, 2021

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They might be the better looking alternative, but natural stone is our water absorbing material of choice. Sandstone, slate and unglazed ceramics have the ability to keep your drink from pooling and collects up to 1/4 cup moisture without a problem. The coasters then dry as the water evaporates and you're good togo.

What does it mean when you put a coaster on your drink? The coaster initially indicates to the bar staff that the abandoned beverage is still in use by acustomer. But it also helps to make sure that nobody else in the bar will 'mess with' the drink while the owner is indisposed.

What material absorbs most water? Mention about the water absorbing material, you may think of many absorbing materials such as cotton, napkins, sponge, anhydrous calcium chloride, soda lime, allochroic silica gel or activated carbon. But these materials can absorb only several or dozens of times its weight.

What can you make coasters out of? Supplies:

  • 4″x4″ ceramic tiles.
  • Scrapbook paper, cut into 4″x4″ squares (one for each coaster)
  • Felt.
  • Mod Podge or Craft Glue.
  • Small paint brush.
  • Craft Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Sealant (I used EnviroTex Lite's Pour-On High Gloss Finish)