Do red tailed hawks eat cats?

Asked by Virginia Clark on September 10, 2021

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Small pets can be attacked and killed by large raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawks and Great Horned Owls. We have had dozens of inquiries about dogs and cats weighing anywhere from 6 to 60 pounds. That being said, there are many urban myths about hawks or owls attacking and carrying off cats anddogs.

What time of day do red tailed hawks hunt? As soon asthe light of day is bright enough for them to see, Red-tailed Hawks start hunting. All night they digested in a tree, and now they're hungry! Hawks hunt until they have enough food to fill their crop (the first part of digestion).

What time of day do hawks hunt? In my experience hawks are most active early AM to mid morning then again in the late afternoon during the summer. Although most attacks have occurred in the early morning, they hunt all dayduring cooler weather. As hunters, they are flexible and opportunistic.

Can you kill a hawk if it's killing your chickens? The FWCA ( Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act) allows the killing of birds, except birds protected by the MBCA and the ESA, in defence of property. Itis not a crime for hawks to attack chickens, for instance.

What time of year do hawks lay their eggs? We will see our local hawks courting in the coming weeks. To watch eggs hatch in early spring on the Bobst Library at NYU or a Fifth Avenue apartment ledge, the hawks must lay their eggs a full month earlier, sometimes as early as late February or early-March.