Do you have to file a living trust with the court?

Asked by Kimberly Ocegueda on September 17, 2021

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No Filing RequirementsUnlike a Will, which has to be filed with the court at the start of the probate process, a Revocable Living Trust generally does not have to be filed or recorded anywhere. Unless there's a lawsuit concerning your trust, it won't become a matter of publicrecord.

How much does it cost to set up a living trust? The national average cost for a living trust for an individual is $1,100-1,500 USD. The national average cost for a living trust for a married couple is $1,700-2,500 USD. Part of the reason for thisrange in prices is the range of services that are available from various estate planning attorneys.

Who gets a copy of the trust? You are entitled to a copy of the Trust if you are a direct beneficiary. A direct beneficiary is a person who receives an immediate benefit from the trust. For example, if the trust is created and you have been given an immediate right to some portion of the income of the trust, then you are a direct beneficiary.

Can you do a living trust without an attorney? While many people can make a living trust without the help of an attorney, there are some situations require individualized legal advice. For example, don't try to make your own living trust if: You don't have anyone to name as trustee.