Does Save Mart drug test?

Asked by Lorraine Cohn on November 05, 2021

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Save Mart's Drug-testing Program Pays Off. Get great content like this right in your inbox.-- Save Mart Supermarkets, a-120-store grocery chain based here, said yesterday that its employee drug-testing program using Canton, Mass.

Does Save Mart sell Christmas trees? Save Mart Stores Donate Christmas Trees. Several Save Mart stores donated Christmas trees to local non-profits that serve families in-need. Many organizations pulled up in trucks to pick up as little as 5 trees … or as many as150.

Does Save Mart price match? Save Mart Satisfied (money back) guaranteed assures our customers that if they are dissatisfied with their purchase for ANY reason, we will gladly replace the item or refund the purchaseprice.

Who owns Save Mart stores? Sixty years later, Piccinini leaves a major imprint as owner and operator of more than 240 stores in Northern and Central California under theSave Mart, S-Mart, Lucky, FoodMaxx and Maxx Value banners. Under his stewardship, Save Mart became California's largest family-owned grocery store chain.

How much are pumpkins at Save Mart? Save Mart. It's pumpkin season and Save Mart has large pumpkins on sale! Pick up three large pumpkins for just $9.99. You'll have plenty left to make some delicious PumpkinPancakes.