Does Sears have free delivery and haul away?

Asked by Martha Miller on September 09, 2021

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All items must be on the same order, and delivered to the same address on the same date. Delivery does not include installation. A delivery charge of $65 will display in your shopping cart. Sears can haul away the items you're replacing foran additional charge of $10 per item.

Will Sears take your old refrigerator? Hi when you purchase a new refrigerator at sears, the salesperson canarrange to have your old refrigerator taken away, in most areas there is a charge to do this.

How long does it take to get a refrigerator delivered? one to two weeks

How Far Will Sears deliver? Local Delivery:Your item(s) qualify for local delivery if they are located within 75 miles of your delivery address. Once your order is placed, our associates will locate your item(s) in our inventory and prepare them for delivery. A Sears Outlet customer service representative will call to schedule delivery.