Does Shout work on white clothes?

Asked by Mary Wilkins on September 08, 2021

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Shout® Color Catcher Dye-Trapping Sheet absorbs and traps loose dyes in your wash water, protecting your white clothes from dangerous color bleeds—preserving the original bright white color. Plus, you'll save time and money: there's no need to sort out your load by color or do half loads of laundry.

Does shout contain chlorine? Shout® contains five powerful stain fighting ingredients to quickly penetrate, break up, and remove your toughest stains, including motor oil, grass, blood andmakeup. Works in HE & standard washers. Facts you can feel good about™. Chlorine bleach free.

How long can you leave shout on clothes? six hours

What is Shout stain remover made of? The manufactures of Shout do disclose that the main ingredients in their stain-fighting products are surfactants and enzymes, and it is stated that they do not contain phosphorous or_bleach. Shout sells several different stain-fighting versions of its product.