Does the AC condenser need to be level?

Asked by Donald Roach on September 09, 2021

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The main cooling unit that sits outside is called the condenser. This box-shaped device is quite heavy, and your HVAC professional may need to investigate your property to find the perfect space forthe unit. In particular, a flat and level area is needed.

How long should a central air unit last? 12 to 15 years

How Far Can AC unit be from house? A rule of thumb is to maintain at least two-feet (24") between the A./C compressor/condenser unit and any nearby obstruction such asa building wall, shrub, or fence.

Are air conditioners supposed to be tilted? Most air-conditioner models should tip slightly to the outside to drain condensation. However, keep in mind that some units may not be designed to tilt.

What is a condenser pad? Designed for central air conditioning condensers to provide a flat stable surface for operation, but can also beused for mounting heaters, pool pumps, etc. or any type of equipment requiring stable weight distribution support. Their ribbing allows self leveling and transfers to load evenly.