How can respiration be measured?

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A respirometer is a device used to measure the rate of respiration of a living organism by measuring its rate of exchange of oxygen and/or carbon dioxide. They allow investigation into how factors such as age, or chemicals affect the rate of respiration. The oxygen uptake is detected bymanometry.

Does the amount of sugar affect yeast fermentation? Sugar affects the rate of fermentation reactions. A little sugar, up to three percent, speeds up fermentation. The yeast processes the added sugar first, saving the time it would take tobreak down starch into sugar. With over three percent sugar, however, the fermentation rate no longer increases.

What are the optimal conditions for yeast fermentation? Yeasts are active in a very broad temperature range - from 0 to 50° C, with an optimum temperature range of 20° to 30° C. The optimum pH for most micro-organisms is near the neutral point (pH 7.0). Moulds and yeasts are usually acid tolerant and are therefore associated with the spoilage of acidic foods.

Does adding more yeast speed up fermentation? Re: Speeding up fermentationTo a point yes. Adding more yeast should ferment faster. The risk is not so much off flavors but a lack of fermentation flavors - esters, etc. You might be able to_pick a yeast that finished faster.