How did the Kanem Bornu empire begin?

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The origins of Kanem are unclear. The first historical sources tend to show that the kingdom of Kanem began forming around 700 AD under the nomadic Tebu-speaking Kanembu. The Kanembu were supposedly forced southwest towards the fertile lands around Lake Chad by political pressure and desiccation in their formerrange.

How long did the Benin Empire last? For 200 years Benin was verysuccessful, but in the 1600s the Obas started to lose control of their people. By the 1800s Benin was no longer strong or united. The kingdom came to a sudden end in 1897, when a British army invaded and made it part of the British Empire.

What is the history of Borno empire? The Bornu Empire (1396-1893) was a medieval African state of Niger from 1389 to 1893. It was acontinuation of the great Kanem-Bornu Kingdom founded centuries earlier by the Sayfawa Dynasty. In time it would become even larger than Kanem incorporating areas that are today parts of Chad, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Is Lake Chad a natural lake? The freshwater lake is located in the Sahelian zone of West-central Africa. Lake Chad is mainly in the far west of Chad, bordering on northeastern Nigeria. The Chari River, fed by its tributary the Logone, provides over 90% of the lake's water, with a small amount coming from theYobe River in Nigeria/Niger.