How do I contact DFAS directly?

Asked by Shanika Valasquez on September 13, 2021

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The simplest andquickest solution for making changes to your Direct Deposit information is through myPay , our online account management system For any questions or concerns regarding myPay , call 888-332-7411 (option 5) for a customer service representative. Or FAX DFAS Retired Pay at 800-469-6559.

How long does an army pay inquiry take? A pay inquiry is a document that gives us your basic information and a short description of the issue. We have 72 hours to answer this issue and provide you with ananswer.

How do I access myPay on my phone? To begin using myPay on a mobile device, authorized myPay customers must go to on their smartphone or other mobile device's web browser. Once there, customers can log in to myPay using thesame login identification and password they use on their computer.

Will DFAS shut down? As long as DFAS has a “cash balance”, it can continue to operate. Therefore, for a while DFAS's several thousand civilians are not susceptible to furloughs due to the government shutdown. Since the FY 14 budget has not been passed then funds from that period are not available to pay DFASemployees.