How do I get a new UF ID?

Asked by Joel Kurtz on September 17, 2021

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ID Card Services (also called Gator 1 Central) is located on the ground floor of theUF Bookstore & Welcome Center. To obtain your Gator 1 Card, bring an official Photo ID (Passport or Driver's License) and $15.00 (cash, check, Visa, AmEx, MasterCard, Discover, or debit card).

Do UF Flex Bucks roll over? Because Flex Bucks come with a Meal Plan, they expire at the end of the spring semester while Declining Balance will continue to roll over until you graduate, withdraw, or transfer from UF.

Do Flex Bucks roll over? Flex dollars are available for use at all dining locations on a declining balance basis, with half the meal plan flex dollars available for each semester. Flex dollars will not roll over into summer session, or from academic year to academic year.

How do I change my UFL password? Change Password

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click 'Change Your Password'
  3. Login with your GatorLink ID and current password.
  4. Read the overview of the “Acceptable Use Policy,” follow the link in the first paragraph to read the whole policy.