How do you level a floor with plywood?

Asked by Michael Collins on November 04, 2021

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Place strips of plywood across the floor to fill deeper slopes, increasing the thickness of the plywood at regular intervals to correct the slope. For example, fill a 1-inch slope across 8 feet by putting a 12-inch strip of 3/8-inch plywood at the point where the_slope is that deep.

What is acceptable floor slope? The “Residential Construction Performance Guidelines for Professional Builders and_Remodelers”, Third Edition, by the National Association of Home Builders allows that a floor should not slope more than 1/2" in 20 feet. And, they further state that measurements should be made across the room, not in a small area.

How do you level an old subfloor? Mix the floor leveling compound with water in a bucket, following the manufacturer's directions. Pour a generous amount of mixed leveler onto the subfloor, focusing on one or more wavy areas. Spread the leveler over the floor with a trowel or a gauge rake so it covers each low area completely.

How thick should self leveling compound be? The minimumthickness advised for many levelling compounds is only 2 or 3 millimetres (some require a minimum of 5mm).

How do you reinforce a subfloor? Apply construction adhesive to the subfloor as you apply each piece of new plywood. Lay the new pieces perpendicular to the old ones. Fasten them with deck screws at regular intervals,not just along the joists, but between the joists. Remember, you want to create a rock-solid bond between your layers of subflooring.