How do you prevent hypoglycemia in newborns?

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Treatment for hypoglycemia in the newborn:The immediate treatment for hypoglycemia is giving the baby a rapid-acting source of glucose such as mixture of glucose/water orformula as an early feeding if baby is able to take by mouth.

How can you prevent hypoglycemia? To help prevent diabetic hypoglycemia:

  1. Don't skip or delay meals or snacks.
  2. Monitor your blood sugar.
  3. Measure medication carefully, and take it on time.
  4. Adjust your medication or eat additional snacks if you increase your physical activity.
  5. Eat a meal or snack with alcohol, if youchoose to drink.

What causes hyperglycemia in newborns? Iatrogenic causes usually involve too-rapid IV infusions of dextrose during the first fewdays of life in very low-birth-weight infants (< 1.5 kg). The other important cause is physiologic stress caused by surgery, hypoxia, respiratory distress syndrome, or sepsis; fungal sepsis poses a special risk.

Which drug is responsible for neonatal hypoglycemia? Somatostatin orits long-acting analogue octreotide also inhibits insulin release as well as growth hormone and glucagon secretion and is used most often preoperatively in infants requiring pancreatectomy for refractory hypoglycemia and hyperinsulinemia.