How do you pronounce Hugge?

Asked by Weston Nixon on November 17, 2021

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Pronounced 'hoo-guh' (not 'hig', unfortunately), 'hygge' is the Danish word for cosiness – meaning all things pre-loved and gently worn in.

How do you pronounce Niksen? Niksen is sort of like other European lifestyle conceptsthat have made their way to the United States and Canada. Words like "hygge," (pronounced "hue-gah"), which is the Danish word for coziness, or the Swedish word "lagom," which means a feeling of "just right," like Goldilocks was looking for.

Why Denmark is the happiest country? According tothe World Happiness Report, happiness is closely linked to social equality and community spirit - and Denmark does well on both. Denmark has a high level of equality and a strong sense of common responsibility for social welfare.

How do you describe cozy? Synonyms for-cozy

  1. comfortable.
  2. comfy.
  3. cushy.
  4. intimate.
  5. snug.
  6. safe.
  7. cuddled up.
  8. easeful.