How do you pronounce Lethe?

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It's "Lee-thee" in modern Greek.

Where is the river of Styx? The Styx river is a location in Greek mythology. Located in the Underworld, it is a river that serves as a barrier separating the world of the living from the world of the dead. It is also in this river where Thetis dipped her son Achilles, in order for him to-gain the power of invulnerability.

What happens to people who drink from the Lethe? All those who drank from the river experienced forgetfulness, and Lethe's murmuring sound would induce drowsiness. When the souls of the dead passed into the afterlife, they had to drink from the river in order toforget their past life and be ready for their reincarnation.

What happens if you drink from the river Styx? The name Styx means "Abomination" or "Abhorrent," a characteristic apparently describing this river's toxic water, which was as black as ink, and supposedly fatal to-man and beast if touched or drunk. The beginning of the penalty for breaking a Styx oath was that the god who did so had to drink this same water.

What are the 5 Rivers of Hades? The five rivers of the realm of Hades, and their symbolic meanings, are Acheron (the river of sorrow, or woe), Cocytus (lamentation), Phlegethon (fire), Lethe (oblivion), and Styx (hate), the river upon which even the-gods swore and in which Achilles was dipped to render him invincible.