How do you pronounce revoir?

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The correct pronunciation is "oh ruh-vwar," but in conversation this is often shortened to "oh vwar." "Ah vwar" is not correct, and is not used even in conversation because it means something else (namely, "à voir," which roughly means "it remains to be_seen").

What does Bone Appetit mean in English? a phrase, originally from French, meaning "good appetite", said to someone who is about to eat, meaning "I hope you enjoy your food" Foreign words & phrases used in English. adios. al dente.

How do you say goodbye to a friend in French? To say goodbye in French, youcan say "Au revoir," pronounced "oh ruh-vwah," in most situations. You can use this phrase when saying goodbye to strangers, friends, or colleagues.

How do you say goodbye to a lover? Here are ways you can make your goodbyes a lot easier with the person you still love.

  1. Take Your Time.
  2. Meet New People.
  3. Be Sure To Know Why You Have To Say Goodbye.
  4. Focus on Staying Apart From Each Other.
  5. Have the Ideal Person in Mind.
  6. Find a True Love.
  7. Forgive andForget.
  8. Discard All Evidence.

What is the meaning of Arrivederci? Noun. 1. arrivederci - a farewell remark; "they said their good-byes" bye-bye, cheerio, good day, goodby, good-by, goodbye, good-bye, sayonara, so long, adieu, adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, bye. farewell, word of farewell - anacknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting.