How do you prune Lithodora?

Asked by Brian Martin on November 19, 2021

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Trim the plants back with a pair ofsharp pruning shears in the summer after the flowers stop blooming. Cut away leggy stems and wayward branches. Trimming the plants controls the shape and size of the Lithodora.

Does Grace Ward Lithodora spread? Lithodora is a great spreading plant for rock gardens, beds and borders, as a ground cover.Lithodora blooms profusely in spring, and less frequently through the summer. Plants are evergreen.

Can Lithodora be divided? These plants can be divided by simply cutting between and of the stems leaving you two separate plants with roots and shoots. These plants can be divided by simply cutting between the newly rooted plant and the mother plant. Examples of these plants would be candytuft, lithodora, phlox, and lavender.

Why is my Lithodora dying? Black Root Rot: This fungus attacks plant roots causing yellowing foliage and stunted plants. Scattered branches may die back. Portions of roots killed by the pathogen are brown andturn black. Burpee Recommends: Make sure the soil is acidic as the disease is less of a problem in soils with a pH of 5.5 or less.