How do you start a begonia?

Asked by Craig Hertler on November 03, 2021

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Start by filling a pot or tray with 2 to 3” of moistened growing mix. Place a tuber on the soil surface, with the hollow side up and cover it with another 1" of soil. Water thoroughly. Begonia tubers grow more quickly in a warm, humidenvironment.

How long does it take for a begonia cutting to root? two to four weeks

Can you root begonia cuttings in water? No need to use a soilless mix and rooting hormone, these plants want to grow. You can start them in a glass of water. Keep the begonia cut stems cool and moist until you get them into a clear vase or jar of water. Make sure you know which way is up since the cuttings will not root if you put the tops down in thewater.

Can I plant begonias in the ground? Tuberous begonias can be grown in theground under trees or in shady parts of your garden, or in containers placed in shady areas of your porch, patio, or yard.

Can you grow tuberous begonias from cuttings? A common way to propagate tuberous begonias is to root cuttings. If you thin out the stems when they are about 3 inches tall, you can use those cuttings. Take a 2- to 3-inch unglazed clay pot and cork the drainage holein its bottom. Fill a 10-inch plastic pot with vermiculite.