How do you take care of a bird nest fern?

Asked by Kimberly Edwards on September 17, 2021

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Caring for Bird's Nest Fern

  1. Avoid watering the center of the plant (the rosette) because it acts as a cradle and can cause the plant to rot.
  2. Test the moisture level by sticking a finger an inch into the soil.
  3. Give the plant plenty of humidity by occasionally misting the fronds with a water bottle.

What's wrong with my birds nest fern? Lack of humidity causes major problems: the entire leaf may turn yellow, the tips of the leaves may turn brown, and the plant may stop growing. If the humidity in your home is too low, consider putting your fern on a wet pebble tray, be sure the plant is sitting on pebbles andnot in the water.

What kind of soil does a bird nest fern need? Soil. Plant the bird's nest fern in loose, rich organic compost ora peat-based potting mix. A mixture of two parts peat and one part perlite would work well. Otherwise, try a peat-based mixture with organic material.

What does a bird's nest fern look like? The Bird's Nest Fern has large simple fronds that are tropical-like in that they resemble banana leaves. Their fronds are light green, often crinkled or wavy, andrise from a central rosette. The rosette is fuzzy where the emerging fronds resemble bird's eggs - hence the common name.