How do you take care of potted mums?

Asked by Frank Dehart on September 07, 2021

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  1. Set potted mums indoors near a window that receives bright, indirect sunlight all day, or place them outdoors where they can receive five hours of morning sunlight and afternoon shade.
  2. Check the mums' soil moisture daily, and water the mums when the top 1 inch of soil begins to dry.

Do mums reseed themselves? You will have some buds on them by then, but don't worry. They will grow back and your plant won't look dead in the middle." Many people buy mumsin the fall thinking the plants are annuals. But if you buy hardy mums, you can get them to bloom year after year.

Are mums inside or outside plants? Florist mums planted outside are most likely being used as short-term beddingplants that will be removed when the blooms are spent. You can plant a potted florist mum you receive as a gift, and it may grow for the summer, but it will not survive the winter outside, no matter how much protection you give it.

Why are my mums dying? The flowers may wilt and die quite suddenly. These diseases live in the soil and attack the roots, so they are hard to avoid. Finally, poor environmental conditions such as overly wet or dry soil weaken the mums, which can lead to theplants becoming more susceptible to fungi, diseases and insects.

Why are my mums turning brown? Heavy rain damage, frost, insufficient water, and the natural flowering cycle can all turn mum blooms brown. Deadheading brown blossoms and cutting back damaged plants will help keep mums looking their best_and blooming profusely.