How do you trace something on a calculator?

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TI-84: Finding Graph Coordinates (Tracing)

  1. Press [Trace]. Then use the right and left arrow keys to move along the curve.
  2. Use the Up or Down arrow keys to switch functions. Then use the Right and Left arrow keys to trace.
  3. Alternatively, [2nd] [CALC] provides a menu of items. Choose "5:intersect".

What is a real zero? Real Zero of a Function. A real zero of a function is a real number that makes the value of the function equal to zero. A real number, r , is a zero of a function f , if f(r)=0 . Example: f(x)=x2−3x+2.

How do you graph an ordered pair on a TI 84? How to Use a Ti84 Calculator to Graph Ordered Pairs

  1. Press "Stat" and then press "Edit."
  2. Type the X coordinate from your ordered pair into the first row of L1.
  3. Type the Y coordinate from your ordered pair into the first row of L2.
  4. Continue typing your ordered pairs into L1 and L2, typing the X coordinates in column L1 and the Y coordinates into column L2. Press"Graph."

How do you graph a polar curve by hand? Steps

  1. Understand how polar equations work. Coordinates in polar equations are of the form (r,θ), where r represents radius and θ represents angle.
  2. Make a_table with values of the angle and radius.
  3. Plot the various (r,θ) points as found in the table.
  4. Join the plotted points with a smooth curve and you're done!