How do you transfer a wheelchair board to a car?

Asked by Andrew Dufault on September 18, 2021

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Lift Transfer: Wheelchair to Car

  1. Position the wheelchair next to the vehicle and apply the brakes.
  2. Position the sling appropriately (see positioning the sling).
  3. Open the passenger side door and recline the car seat.
  4. Place the car cushion (if needed) in the car seat.
  5. Widen the lift base to the widest position and move the lift into position.

What is a transfer board used for? A transfer board is a piece of equipment that helps you transfer (move) from one surface to another; for-example, from bed to chair, or from wheelchair to toilet. The boards come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They are also sometimes known as banana boards or slide boards.

What is a beasy board? The Beasy Board Transfer System by Beasy Trans is a patient transfer device designed to make transferring patients easier, reducing the risk of injury tocaregivers.

What is a slide board Transfer? A sliding board is a piece of equipment that can be used if a person is not able to use their legs to complete a transfer between surfaces or if a standing transfer is not safe to perform. The board is used to make a solid “bridge” between the two surfaces that a person canslide across to transfer between them.