How do you transport a washing machine?

Asked by Becky Hurley on September 10, 2021

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Follow these steps to learn the proper way to move a washing machine:

  1. Fasten the power cord.
  2. Pull out the washer completely.
  3. Pack the washing machines in_blankets.
  4. Load the washer onto the appliance dolly.
  5. Load the washer into the moving truck.

Is it OK to lay a washer on its back? When you move your washer, first replace the shipping bolts that were originally in the back of the washer. This keeps the drum from moving inside the washer and protects it from damage. Also, make sure your washer is placed in themoving van upright. Shipping your washer on its side, front, or back can damage it.

Can you lay a stackable washer and dryer on its back? Lean the unit against the dolly and carefully lean the dolly back to transport the washer/dryer unit on wheels. Since you cannot separate the washerfrom the dryer, a car will not be sufficient to transport the unit. Do not lay the unit on its side under any circumstances.

Can one person move a washing machine? Yes, it's possible to move a washing machine without hiring movers – following these washer moving tips and steps will help you do just that. However, you can't finish the job entirely on your own – you're still going to need at least two other helpers to keep things_safe.