How do you treat a gall wasp in a lemon tree?

Asked by Glenn Rivera on September 17, 2021

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Citrus gall wasp is mainly found on grapefruit, but can also strike lemons, oranges and limes. Its hot zones are the east coast and Victoria. The best method of treatment is to cut off the gall (stem lump)_before the wasp emerges. It's also important to feed, water and mulch your citrus, and keep it free of weeds.

What does an oak apple look like? Oak apple or oak gall is the common name for a large, round, vaguely apple-like gall commonly found on many species of oak. Oak apples may be_brownish, yellowish, greenish, pinkish, or reddish.

Can gall wasps sting? Cynipid wasps do not sting humans. The adult female deposits eggs in or on plant tissue. Gall development is poorly understood, but galls generally form several weeks or months after eggs hatch. Larvae feed under the plant tissue; theirsecretions apparently induce abnormal growth of cells in the plant.

When should lemon trees be pruned? Pruning should involve removing unhealthy, unwanted and poorly positioned branches but minimise the loss of healthy foliage. The best time to prune is soon after harvest in winter to early spring before bud break. For late varieties where two crops may hang on the tree at once some of the_new crop may be lost.