How does a pneumatic timer work?

Asked by Troy Merrick on September 18, 2021

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They function by controlling the speed of air in the system. The valve at the end of the chamber prevents air from leaving the timer too quickly, which allows the precision of time to be set. Pneumatic timers allow controllers to dictate how much time will pass before the piston opens achamber.

What is a pressure sequence valve? A sequence valve is a pressure valve designed to open when its set pressure is reached, providing a path of flow alternate and-sequential to the primary circuit. In some ways, a sequence valve is a directional valve, allowing flow to occur. However, it's just a relief valve with some added features.

How does a hydraulic sequence valve work? A sequence valve installed in each landing gear actuating line performs this function. A sequence valve is somewhat similar to a relief valve except that, after the set pressure has been reached, the sequence valve diverts the fluid to a second actuator or motor to do work in another part of thesystem.

What type of float switch does not have a differential setting? Because the mercury bulb float switch does not have a differential setting as does the rod- or chain-type of float switch, it's necessary to use more than one mercury bulb float switch to controla pump motor.