How does a Tympanogram work?

Asked by Anthony Frank on September 16, 2021

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A tympanogram is a graphic representation of how the eardrum moves in response to the air pressure in the ear canal. When the eardrum is activated by a sound wave, part of the sound is absorbed and sent through the middle ear, while the other part of the sound wave is reflected.

What is normal middle ear pressure? Normalmiddle ear pressure should be somewhere between +50 to –150 dePa (mm water). The probe tip tone is directed to the tympanic membrane during the two seconds of the pressure change described above.

How do you test for tympanometry? Tympanometry tests how well your eardrum moves. The audiologist will put a small probe, which looks like an earphone, into each ear. A small device attached to the probe will push air into your ear. The person testing you will see a graph on the device, called atympanogram.

What does a Tympanogram look like? Type A tympanograms look like a teepee, andindicate a normal middle ear system, free of fluid or physiological anomalies which would prevent the admittance of sound from the middle ear into the cochlea.