How does Sea Doo Dess work?

Asked by William Henderson on December 28, 2021

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The DESS Key Security system, or Digitally Encoded Security System, is a lanyard containing a computer chip with a unique numeric code that the owner connects to the dess post on their jet ski in order to be granted access to_start and operate it.

Can you bypass Dess system? You cannot bypass the mpem to get a start on youboat. The DESS system was designed as an anti theft device. If your not getting the two beeps, check the buzzer with a test light or get a buzzer from Radio Shack.

How do I test my SeaDoo Dess post? To test the post, unplug it and remove it to your bench it's a little easier to probe everything that way. You should have continuity from the solid black wire tothe metal ring on the outside shoulder of the post all the time.

What does MPEM stand for? Multi-Purpose Electronics Module

What is a Dess post? The DESS post is a reed switch, your lanyard contains a magnet and when placed on the post it completes the circuit between the solid black and black w/yellowtrace.