How far can a retractable awning extend?

Asked by Lyla Robinson on September 09, 2021

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Thankfully, at Sunesta, our retractable awnings can stretch up to 40 feet wide with a length of up to 14-feet.

How big should an awning be? Before shopping, take measurements of the designated space for window and door awnings. First, measure the width and add about 5 inches to each side. For example, if your window is 25 inches wide, then you will want an awning around 35 inches wide.

What color awning should I choose? Blue: The blue awnings are considered as the best choice for white homes. If your home is painted in natural colour, you can choose the sky, electric as well as deepblue awnings. However, you have to evaluate the shades of blue if the exterior colour has hints of orange.

Do retractable awnings protect from rain? The Retractable Awning:They can keep us cool on our deck or patio during warm weather. But retractable awnings, like SunSetters, break in high wind or heavyrain.