How is power defined?

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In physics, power is the rate of doing work or of transferring heat, i.e. the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit time. Power is a scalar quantity that requires both a change in the physical system and a specified time interval in which the changeoccurs.

What are some types of power? The five types of powerinclude coercive power, expert power, legitimate power, referent power, and reward power.

What is the SI unit of energy? Because energy is defined via work, the SI unit of energy is the same asthe unit of work – the joule (J), named in honor of James Prescott Joule and his experiments on the mechanical equivalent of heat. In slightly more fundamental terms, 1 joule is equal to 1 newton metre and, in terms of SI base units.

How is power calculated? The standard metric unit of power is the Watt. As is implied by the equation for power, a unit of power is equivalent to a unit of work divided by a unit of time. Thus, a Watt is equivalent to a Joule/second. One horsepower is equivalent to approximately 750 Watts.