How long do cinder blocks last?

Asked by James Tanner on September 17, 2021

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It may take 5-10 years, but once the exterior waterproofing coatings and damp-proofing membranesdeteriorate, the cinder blocks will be on their own to fight against negative side water pressure.

Can you tile over cinder block? Installing tile over a cinder block wall can not only raise the aesthetic of the structure but also increase its water resistance and insulation capabilities. Spend time prepping a cinder block wall before placing the tiles on the surface to ensure a long-lasting and beautifulstructure.

How do you hide concrete piers? Uneven deck piers can be hidden by planting ornamental flowers, shrubs or vines around the perimeter of your deck. Place weed barrier around the perimeter of your deck where you intend to place your plants. Use plastic gardening fencing or stone to separate the area to be landscaped from the rest of your yard.

How much of my foundation should be exposed? Typically the codes say the amount of exposed foundation should be between aminimum of 4 and 6 inches above the finished soil that touches up against the foundation. Remember this is aminimum distance.

What kind of paint do you use on cinder block basement walls? Paint a thin coat of exterior latex masonry paint or exterior acrylic house paint onto the prepared cinder blocks. Allow the first coat to dry completely, which typically takes between four and eight hours. Apply a-second coat after the first coat of paint is dry.