How long does it take for Behr deck stain to dry?

Asked by Phyllis Price on December 28, 2021

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1-2 hours before recoat. Wait 24-48 hours before light foot traffic.72 hours for fullcure.

How many coats of stain should Behr deck? Two thin coats required. For optimum performance, coat all six sides of wood.1-2 hours before recoat. Allow 72 hours for fullcure.

What color should I stain my deck? Gray can also work with contrasting colors like black and white to provide a sophisticated palette. Many homeowners like natural wood stain colors like Cedar because they are lighter and work well with country and rustic designs.

How do I know if my deck is dry enough to stain? One way to measure if the deck is dry enough for staining is by using a moisture meter. A moisture meter measures the amount of moisture in the wood. There are one to two probes on the meter that stick into the wood to give you a reading. If using this method, be sure to check the moisture level in severalspots.

How many coats of deck stain should I use? The general rule of thumb is to apply only as much deck stain as the wood can absorb. Typically this will be 2 coats, unless your dealing with extremely dense hardwoods which may only be able to absorb 1 coat of wood stain. Watch this video to see more-tips on how many coats of stain to apply.