How long does Stna certification last?

Asked by Terry Bishop on September 05, 2021

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24 months

Which is better Stna or CNA? CNAs work in home care, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. Moving on to the STNA, which stands forState Tested Nursing Assistant. Those with an STNA job have almost identical duties as a CNA job – they work under RNs, they take vitals, they assist with daily living activities, etc.

How do I keep Stna license active in Ohio? In Ohio, there are four steps you must complete to maintain your STNA certification. The steps are as follows: Provide documentation that you completed at least seven_and one-half consecutive hours, or eight hours in a 40-hour period, of nursing-related services during the previous 24 months.

How does your Stna license expired? STNAs who do not renew their certification prior to the expiration date cannot work as a STNA until they fulfill the requirements to have certification reinstated. In most states, a STNA certification must be renewed every two years.

How do you test for Stna? The best way to prepare for your STNA test is by taking our sample tests.

There are three major steps required to become a STNA in Ohio:

  1. Complete astate approved nursing assistant program.
  2. Pass the STNA exam.
  3. Become listed in Ohio's state nurse aide registry.