How long will a railroad tie last?

Asked by Marie Dejesus on September 18, 2021

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Average life of hardwood ties is 20 to 25 years.” Kevin Haugh, president of CXT Inc., provides somewhat shorter estimates of tie service life: about 40 years for concrete versus a_range for wood tie life of from 8-10 years up to 15-25 years dependent on the climate and wood type.

Can I take railroad ties to the dump? Yes, all landfills accept railroad ties. However, they must be permitted into each facility and_can not be longer than 8 feet.

Can I buy creosote? Traditional Creosote can only be sold to Professional Users.This means the traditional user such as the agricultural community, builders, etc. are still able to purchase Coal Tar Creosote, providing they do not resell to the generalhouseholder.

What do railroads do with old ties? Some railroad ties are sent to garden centers for use as landscape timbers. Old ties are sent off to be thrown out. Some end up in landfills, and some are burned at special power plants that have filtration to capture the creosote (the preserving agent that keeps the_tie from rotting.)

How much does a railroad tie cost? The tie is worth about $20. The sideboards may be $3-4 per log if it's junky, maybe more if they are red oak #1 com or better. So if you can do 100 ties a day you can earn maybe $1100 aday before expenses.