How many points does it take to get a free night at Wyndham?

Asked by Richard Lanier on September 11, 2021

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Using PointsThe number of points needed to cover a free night's stay (known as a go free award) ranges from 7,500 to 30,000 points, a new stipulation to the program that was rolled out in 2019. Previously, a free night's stay cost a standard 15,000 points per night at any Wyndham property.

What points transfer to Wyndham? You can also transfer your points to Amtrak: 6,000 Wyndham points = 1,200 Amtrak Guest Rewards points. 16,000 Wyndham points = 3,200 Amtrak Guest Rewards points. 30,000 Wyndham points = 6,000 Amtrak Guest Rewardspoints.

Can I sell my Wyndham points? Sell Wyndham Timeshare with a Licensed Resale BrokerWe can assist in selling your deeded week or points-based ownership with a traditional commission-based real estate approach, andwe will never charge an advanced or “up-front” listing fee.

How many points do you get per stay at La Quinta? 10 points

Do La Quinta rewards points expire? Yes. Per the La Quinta website, points expire if you have no stay activity in an 18-month period.“Members who do not have any stay activity within an 18-month consecutive period may be removed from the program, and all accrued points will beforfeited.”