How many sets of chromosomes are in a diploid cell?

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Diploid cells do not have a set number of chromosomes that depends on the species. Diploid means that the chromosomes in the cell are in pairs ie two of each type. A human diploid cell has 46 chromosomes in 23 pairs.

Is a zygote haploid or diploid? In human fertilization, a released ovum (a haploid secondary oocyte with replicate chromosome copies) and a haploid sperm cell (male gamete)—combine to form a single2n diploid cell called the zygote.

How many XY combinations are there? 45,X/46,XY mosaicism. 46, XX/XY. 47, XXX, also known as Triple X syndrome and_trisomy X.

Is metaphase 1 haploid or diploid? Ploidy = haploid, 1n # of chromosomes = 2 # of chromatids = 4 Page 2 This is a diploid cell in metaphase and anaphase of mitosis. In the metaphase cell, there are 4 chromosomes (8 chromatids) total andtwo sets of homologous chromosomes that are duplicated. In the anaphase cell, there are 8 chromosomes.