How much does spiral ductwork cost?

Asked by Michael Liefer on September 13, 2021

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Is spiral duct watertight? In a spiral duct, your air pressure drop is lower when comparing it to the classic rectangular ductwork. Oval spiral ducts are also watertight – while humidity is easily amplified in a restaurant setting, this reliable form of duct will ensure no water will drip or pool where your customers enjoy theirmeal.

Why ducts are normally of rectangular cross section? Ducts are either round or rectangular in cross section. Rectangular ducts usually have theadvantage of saving room space and being easier to install in walls. However, whenever possible you should use round ducts, which provide less resistance to air flow.

What are standard duct sizes? Rectangular orsquare ducting comes in standard sizes ranging from 3-by-7 inches to 35-by-40 inches. Sizing is based on airflow needs per cubic foot per minute, as well as velocity.