How often should regenerate the water softener?

Asked by Justin Chambers on September 17, 2021

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It is generally agreed upon that regular regenerations are the best, because they keep the resin bed active. This should be every two to three days, although highly efficient softeners may generate every day or even multiple times aday.

Do water softeners need a drain? Water softeners need a place to-drain water during the regeneration cycle. There are various drain options including a standpipe, a floor drain, or a utility sink. The two drain hoses require an air gap and cannot just be pushed into any drain pipe.

What if my water softener is too big? If your water softener is too big for your home, it won't do enough work to trigger regeneration on time. When a water softener doesn't regenerate, it's not as effective and bacteria can grow in the tank. You can also check how much water you use against the capacity rate of your softener.

How long does it take for water softener to regenerate? about 85 to 90 minutes